The passage from maiden to mother is a sacred one, and one that is often overlooked in our culture. You deserve to feel valued for your accomplishment.

Sacred sealing birth ceremony

As women, our bodies go through a lot of hard work to bring a child into the world. All of this work, through the triumphs, sorrows, and joys, the sweat and tears, leaves us left open physically and emotionally. That openness can leave us feeling empty after birth.  Our bodies have been a vessel that have carried and nurtured a small one (or even several small ones) for months. It is no wonder that our bodies would experience a vast emptiness once we have completed the birthing process. So, what then? How do we close ourselves after we have opened for something as incredible as birth? This beautiful mama-focused ceremony does just that. 
While pregnant, women will have people "oooh" and "aaah" over their growing belly. After birth, that attention seems to be turned to the baby. While it's well-intentioned, let's look at continuing to focus and honor the woman who made this birth possible. A sealing ceremony honors you, the mother, as you heal, celebrate the life of your new child, and transition into the role as mother.


These ceremonies, which are the norm in many other cultures, can consist of a smudge of your house, a ceremonial bath and a sacred tuck-in (where you are wrapped in scarves with heat packs), a belly rub with heating spices, and a belly bind in which you can keep the wrap. All of this while you are treated to tea and ayurvedic healing food. For the full ceremony, the cost is $250. This makes the ultimate amazing present for a new mother. Contact me for pricing of individual elements of the ceremony.

Bengkung Belly Binding

This Malaysian method of wrapping the belly is an effective and important part of a mama's recovery. A long piece of muslin fabric is used to wrap your abdomen and support the body's natural healing process, aiding the body to shrink and recover in a shorter time period.


What are the benefits? 

 A sacred belly wrap provides a mama's postpartum body with 360 degree support to assist the abdominal wall muscle retraction, helping to bring the bands of abdomen muscles back together. It can strengthen and support the muscles more effectively. Binding can stabilize loosened ligaments, and provide support to the torso. Binding protects and assists swollen internal organs to return to their pre-pregnant shape, while also tightening other body parts covered by the binding that may have lost muscle tone during pregnancy. Another benefit is the lower back support, which also encourages proper posture. A snug wrap won't allow hunching over, especially during those early breastfeeding days.

While there are many physical benefits, it's also important to note the emotional and spiritual benefits. Taking care of our bodies and utilizing an ancient technique can be very grounding. Women can use binding as a spiritual or symbolic closure of their pregnancy, especially if they didn't receive the birth they wanted. They cocoon our body in a way that makes us feel safe. Plus, they're just beautiful to look at!


Why shouldn't I just use a belly band from the store?

This method of belly binding is adaptable to your specific body type, size, and shape. Standard belly binds are a one size fits all, and they also do not support your hips and ribs. Furthermore, belly wraps can be beautiful colors and look gorgeous when worn.

When should I get wrapped?

It is recommended that for a vaginal delivery, you be wrapped about 7 days later. With a cesarean, wrapping should not start until about 4-6 weeks postpartum and only with a doctors approval. Many women like to wrap for the first 42 days or so, but remember it's never too late to start! 

Belly Binding Services

A binding session includes a mama made binding wrap, made with organic muslin fabric and non reactive dye in a beautiful color. This wrap is yours to keep, and we will practice wrapping with it. A session will involve me wrapping you, and then us practicing together. It will end with me applying a belly binding warming spice rub to your abdomen and a final wrap. This service is $125, with an optional purchase of warming spice rub for $22 (about 20 uses) .Option to add on a multi colored dyed wrap for an extra $10.