As a licensed mental health therapist, I've worked with many moms battling

post partum depression or anxiety. After having my third child, the baby blues

set in but then they just didn't seem to go away. Due to my

background, I knew it was post partum depression, but it was

still a hard road to get through. To me, mental illness is not

something to be ashamed about and should be talked about

openly. So, I started to talk to friends about what I was going

through. To my surprise, almost all of them said something along

the lines of  "I went through the same thing.. I had depression...

I felt the same way..." I was shocked! These were my friends,

people I was around and supported. How did I not notice this?

But most importantly, why aren't we all talking about this more?

Why are moms feeling like this is something they need to suffer

through alone? I'm here to say, we shouldn't. 

The post-partum period is a crucial time for mom. There has been so much

build up for baby to come, and once they are earthside mom's needs are often overlooked with the excitement of a new life. However, this is the time when a woman needs to focus on healing her body, and re-setting her mind as a

mother. Emotional support is key. 

One on one mental health coaching is offered. As a licensed mental health

therapist and a mother I know the importance of getting help and support

that is needed. I look at therapy as much needed self-care, and a time to process

and focus on mom's emotional needs, which are so often ignored, not understood, or overlooked in day- to day life.