Nutrition- Pregnancy, Post-Partum, Babies & Kids

A healthy mama means a healthy baby. But how do we eat healthy in pregnancy? What foods should you focus on or avoid? Figuring out how to eat for two in a healthy way can sometimes be intimidating and overwhelming. We want to make sure we're giving our baby the best possible start, but what does that mean? 

Did you know that babies in utero have more taste buds than any other time in life? This means that what mom eats in pregnancy is tasted and can set baby up for a lifetime of eating a certain way. Are you ready for this special window of opportunity?


Once you have the baby, another set of questions comes up. When and how do I introduce foods? How much should my kids be eating? How do I get them to eat more fruits and vegetables? I can help you understand the science and physiology behind kids and food! 

Then you've had the baby, you're busy, trying to lose weight- and nothing is happening. The scale stays the same. As a mom and a nutritionist, I am passionate about healthy eating in ourselves and our kids but still being able to indulge. Many times nutritionists tell clients to cut out all sweets, or stop eating certain foods. But in reality, that doesn't work. I believe in figuring out how to make your lifestyle work for your diet. I am available for group lessons as well as personal nutrition work, and I promise I will never take away dessert!  

Services offered include:

  • Pre/post natal nutrition education

  • Pre/post natal nutrition coaching

  • Pre/post natal plant based nutrition education

  • Food education- when to start solids, picky toddler eating, family meal planning 

Services begin at $35/ hour. 

Post Partum Ayurvedic Nutrition Services

Nutrition during the post partum period is essential for healing. The foods we put into our bodies during this time have the capability of healing. Herbs and warm foods can support our body and ensure a speedy recovery. Receive the luxury of having meals prepared in your home that are specifically designed to nourish you and to re-balance your hormones and warm your body during your postpartum recovery. These meals  will also provide you with the nutrition and calorie intake necessary for breastfeeding,Allow me to cook nourishing, comforting Ayurvedic meals for you to eat during your post- partum period. Services start at $40 an hour.