SillyMunk™ Silicone Teething Clip that is safe for baby to chew on!

Everything has sensory bumps and grooves to soothe gums while teeth are cutting though.

Easy to clean !!! Baby Wipes, Soap and Water!

Does your child chew on everything in sight? Whether they are teething or have special needs, these are the perfect solution.

Silicone Elephant and Peace sign teethers. Each one is attached with a teething cord that can attach to anything ! T-shirt, baby carrier and much more. No more lost or thrown teethers ! This clip can also double as a teething pacifier clip. You can unattached the clip from the pendant and attach a pacifier to it !

Teething Pacifier Clips: 
Made with teething beads that are food-grade Silicone, chewable, safe, BPA, Phthalate, and Lead-Free.

Never lose a pacifier or teething toy again !

Attach to pacifier or pendant using a simple slip knot with the ribbon.

Features :

Each Bead come knotted onto ribbed ribbon for added safety.

The clips come with a plastic insert with teeth to clasp onto fabric without damaging the material.

Rest easy that your child is chewing on something that is safe for them to chew on!

Made with food grade silicone teething beads ( same materials as the silicone teething necklaces )

* Length of clips aprox 9-10’’ long + Pendants

* Fits most pacifiers

Do not lengthen this clip. Only attach to child's clothes. Do not attach to cords, bands or belts - strangulation hazard. Please do not leave child unattended while using this teething pacifier as it contains small parts. Do not let child fall asleep while attached to the teething pacifier clip. Never wrap clip around a child's neck, strangulation hazard. Inspect before use and dispose of immediately if damaged.

SillyMunk Hippo Teething Clip

Color: Pink